Ballet Class
Dancers need to be in a dark leotard, light colored tights, ballet shoes and have their hair up. Light colored leotards are a distraction because they can be seen through and make dancers self-conscious. A leotard is worn so the teacher can make corrections. If the body is covered in a big T-shirt, it can't be seen to be corrected. Light colored tights are worn to see the placement of the legs and feet. If a dancer walks out of a ballet class with clean tights, they haven't worked in class. Ballet shoes need to be made of leather or canvas so that the foot can breathe. Hair is worn up so turns can be executed correctly.

Jazz Class
Dancers need to be in stretchy clothes. Whether it is a leotard, leggings or bike shorts, you need to be able to stretch. Legs need to be covered to keep the muscles warm. Hair should be off the face for turns and jumps. Jazz shoes should be worn for traction. Again, no oversized T-shirt, so that the body can be seen.

Terry with world renowned tap dancer Brenda Bufalino

Tap Class
Dancers should wear loose fitting clothes and tap shoes with socks, stockings or tights. No bare feet in the tap shoes. It causes blisters and rots the tap shoes.

Dancers need to be in lightweight clothing that you can move in. Jazz or tennis shoes should be worn for traction.

Small Children taking tap and ballet
Small children taking tap - Royal blue scoop neck short sleeve leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black maryjane(buckle) tap shoes.


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